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Turquoise Puya


Turquoise Puya

Puya berteroniana berteroana

Puya berteroniana


Growing tips

Getting started -- You can start your plant in a pot about 5-6 inches (13-15 cm) wide.

Soil -- It prefers fast draining soil.  I use a mix of about 2 parts coco fiber to 3 parts perlite.  An alternate mix is 3 parts quality potting soil to 2 parts perlite or coarse horticultural sand.  In wet-winter areas, use extra perlite or sand.

 The first month after repotting, make sure the original soil ball stays moist (not just the new soil).

 For the first 2-3 weeks after repotting, shade it from strong sun, and don't feed it.  After that, increase the sun exposure a little each week, watching for possible burning.

 Growing onward....

Water -- While it can tolerate drought, it grows best when the soil is kept evenly moist most of the time. 

Light -- It enjoys mostly sunny conditions.  In hotter conditions, it might need some afternoon shade if it shows signs of stress.  

Climate -- Mature plants reportedly can take take winter temperatures of 12-16F (-9 to -11C).  I recommend protecting your plant from frost for at least the first winter or two.  Older plants will probably flower soonest if protected from prolonged, hard frosts.

 In hotter climates, it may help to shade the pot to keep the roots cooler, perhaps by placing it inside a second pot made of clay.

Feeding -- It has moderate fertilizer needs.  Feed about every 2-3 months with a general-purpose fertilizer that contains micronutrients.

 General tips about the plant are here.

 Have fun growing it!

- Jeff

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Turquoise Puya

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