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Christia vespertilionis - Red Butterfly Wing

Christia vespertilionis


Germinating the seeds


When to plant -- Plant your seeds when you receive them for best results.

Getting started -- You may plant each seed in individual, small containers, such as seedling starter trays.  Or you plant them all in a single, larger container, but it may be difficult to separate the roots later.  Either way, use containers with drainage holes

 For soil, use a well draining mix.  I use a mix of 1 part coir fiber to 1 part perlite (use small- or medium-grade perlite, not coarse-grade).  An alternate mix is 2 parts quality potting soil to 1 part perlite or coarse horticultural sand.

 Remove the papery cover from each seed.  Fill each container with the soil mix.  Don't compress the soil.  Place 1 or 2 seeds on top, and cover with about 1/4 inch (6 mm) of soil.  Water the soil so it is evenly moist (but not soggy).

 Until the seeds sprout, ensure that the top layer of soil does not dry out.  If you enclose the pots in a plastic container to maintain humidity, allow some fresh air to enter either by punching small holes in it, or by leaving it open a crack.

 The seeds germinate well at 70-80 degrees F (21-27C).  I recommend placing a minimum/maximum thermometer near the pots.

 The seeds should start sprouting in 4 weeks, but allow up to 10 weeks for any slow ones to sprout.

 I recommend growing the seedlings indoors for at least the first 6 weeks.  Filtered sun or bright shade is best when they are young.  Or you may use a fluorescent bulb kept about 3-5 inches (7-12 cm) from the plants.  After 2 or 3 months, you may give them more sunlight if you wish.  I have not grown the plant in strong afternoon sun, and i suspect it might burn the leaves.  Over about 40% humidity is best.

 Repot to a larger pot after about 8 weeks.  Transplant gently to avoid breaking apart the soil ball.  A mature plant may be kept in a 1 gallon (4 liter) pot, although you may keep smaller plants in 1 quart (1 liter) pots for a few months.

 This species has average fertilizer needs.  Feed about every 2 months with a fertilizer that contains micronutrients (I use this).

Pests to watch for - spider mites, whitefly, aphids.  Try using insecticidal soap before using stronger remedies, since some may harm the plant.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 

- Jeff

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