Impatiens arguta

"Blue Dream" Impatiens


Getting started -- Impatiens sometimes wilt during shipping, and if yours does, leave it in its pot and cover it with a plastic bag.  Punch 1 or 2 dime-sized holes in the bag.  Every day make another hole in the bag.  After a week, you should be able to remove the bag.  Wait another 2-3 days before repotting.

 Potting up -- Transplant gently to avoid disturbing the roots.  Plant it in a pot approximately 1-3 gallons in size, with drainage holes.   Impatiens arguta likes a well-draining soil.  A typical mix is 2 parts quality potting soil to 1 part perlite or coarse horticultural sand.

 Do not give direct sun or liquid fertilizer for the first week after transplanting.  Your Impatiens was grown in filtered light and should be acclimated to direct sun slowly.

Watering -- Aim to keep the soil evenly moist most of the time.  Don't let the soil dry out completely, but don't keep it constantly soggy either.

Climate/sunlight -- The regions where Impatiens arguta comes from typically get from 32-39 degrees F in the winter and from 75-90 in the summer, and nights are usually cool.  Keep in mind that growth and flowering tends to slow below around 50 degrees, so bring it indoors if you'd like it to flower over the winter.  Outdoors, protect it from frost.  In hot-summer areas, give it shade during the hot parts of the day. This Impatiens looks best when grown in dappled sunlight (filtered) or bright shade.   Over about 40% humidity is best.  If your plants seem to suffer from low humidity indoors, consider using an ultrasonic humidifier.

Fertilizing -- Impatiens arguta likes average amounts of fertilizer.  Feed about every 2 months with a general-purpose fertilizer that contains micronutrients.  I use this one.

It's normal for an older leave to occasionally turn yellow and drop throughout the year, but if it seems excessive, the soil may be too dry down in the root zone.  If you are sure that's not the case, the plant may need more fertilizer, particularly nitrogen.

Pruning & shaping --  You can prune back any leggy branches to encourage a bushier shape.  You may stake the branches upright if you wish, or let them trail over the side of the pot. 

 After a few months, you may repot your plant to a 5 gallon pot, which will hold it indefinitely. 

Pests to watch for -- Watch for any pests that can affect your other plants.  Try using insecticidal soap before using stronger remedies, since some may harm the plant.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 

Enjoy your plant!

- Jeff

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