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Impatiens niamniamensis


Getting started -- Impatiens sometimes wilt after being shipped and repotted.  If that happens, simply put a plastic bag over it and it should perk up in a day or 2.

Soil -- Your Impatiens likes rich, moist soil that is loose and well-aerated.  A good mix is 2 parts potting soil to 1 part perlite.

Pot size -- Repot your plant to about a 1 gallon container that has drainage holes.   After several months, it may need to be transferred to a 3 gallon container if you let it grow to full size.

Transplanting -- Transplant gently and avoid breaking apart the soil ball.  Do not pack down the soil after repotting.  Shade the plant from sun for the first 2 weeks, then slowly give it more light over a period of 2-3 weeks.  Give no fertilizer the first week after repotting.

Watering -- Aim to keep the soil evenly moist most of the time.  Do not let the soil dry out completely, but don't keep it perpetually soggy either.

Light -- This Impatiens grows well in bright shade, morning sun, or tree-filtered sun.  Shade it from strong afternoon sun. 

Climate -- The ideal temperature is between 50 and 80 degrees. In warmer conditions, keep the plant shaded.  Protect your plant from freezing temperatures.  You may grow it indoors.  If the humidity indoors is below about 40%, consider using a room humidifier.

Fertilizing -- Your Impatiens has average fertilizing needs. During periods of active growth, give it an all-purpose fertilizer about every 8 weeks, according to the dosage on the label.  Yellowing older leaves may mean the plant needs more fertilizer.. or it could be a sign of under-watering.

Pruning -- It's not necessary to prune your plant, although you may wish to shape it or remove excess growth.  If you remove part of a branch, new branches will grow from the green "nubs" that remain.

Pests to watch for: aphids, mealy bugs, scale, fungus gnats.

Have fun growing it!  

- Jeff

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